RFP Updated 2018 - 2019

Request for Proposals:

This is a request for proposals (RFP) specifically designed to conduct research for established three principles programming.

Deadline: Proposals are considered on a case by case basis. We have a rolling application. Please note: funding for 2018 is already decided.

Primary Goal:

The primary goal of this project is to fund three principles research. We are looking for small, reasonably structured research projects that examine behavior, resilience and performance benefits of three principles counseling, teaching and consulting in a variety of areas such as: trauma, violence, mental illness, addiction, workplace, prison, family, and education.

Host Structure:

The host organization funds special projects to research and develop three principles programming for licensure.

The research and development director answers questions about the application process, builds relationships with expert researchers, assists in recruiting appropriate research proposals, tracks impact/results from funded projects, creates connections between researchers and scalable three principles programs, and is interested in creating infrastructure for improving research access and understanding within the three principles community.

Special Projects:

The funding for this project is designed to be awarded as a special project to prepared researchers or three principles programs. There are potentially two types of partner agencies:

1. Those who are experts in a related field and who may be well-poised to conduct high quality research on the Three Principles

2. Community-based Three Principles programs that are at a point of sophistication where they can begin to evaluate their impacts and/or replicate their programs in new locations or with new staff (i.e., begin ‘scaling’ their efforts).

Long term goals include:

  1. Providing funding for three principles practitioners and experienced researchers to conduct high quality research using recognized, simple, and validated processes.

  2. Publishing research results in respected peer-reviewed journals to demonstrate the benefits of the Three Principles in a variety of areas.

  3. Translating publications across a diverse array of media for easy public access and understanding.

  4. Establishing the three principles within the field of academia by relating it to other fields of interest.

  5. Identifying, researching, licensing and helping to promote scalable three principles programs. Scalable means creating a curriculum, multi-media presentation or other replicable system that can reach a wide audience without the direct involvement of those who created the program.

  1. Special Project Application Process

Submission Guidelines: Prepare a clear proposal for how research will be conducted, who will conduct it and the expected expenses. Please use the initial steps below for the best chances at getting your project funded.

Mandatory Requirements for those applying to this RFP

Proposal submissions must clearly outline who will be involved in administering the project, who will be coordinating outreach to researchers and Three Principles practitioners, and who will be evaluating the research and how funds will be distributed.


Is awarded on a case by case basis. Consider reasonable costs when presenting a request for funding. Programs that are not yet researched are strongly encouraged to apply for pilot program funding.

  1. Recommended Process for Applicants

Step 1: Make Contact

Interested parties need to contact the director of research and development at info@themcvetygrant.org. Be prepared to share ideas and discuss potential avenues for investigation. As a researcher: you may be put in touch with potential programs to discuss potential projects. As a three principles practitioner: you may be put in touch with a researcher to develop your idea further. This preliminary conversation will help you focus your investigation and develop an outline for Step 2.

Step 2: Develop the Outline of the Proposal

Once the initial dialogue has begun. Use the information gathered from the website, the informational sessions and the one-on-one conversation to develop an outline of the research proposal. This stage is intended to flush out your ideas, put together a potential research team and raise any red flags on moving forward. Once you have gathered more information: schedule another conversation with the research and development director.

Step 3: Proposal Requirements

By this time, you will have a good idea of what the McVety Grant is looking for in your special project. Once you are clear about what you are providing and how that meets the proposal requirements, the research and development director will make an appointment for you to speak directly with the funder.

It is essential that you are ready to present your proposal, answer questions and give the funder a good idea of how your project is reasonably structured, affordably priced, who would be working on it with you and how the project could result in licensure (or public recognition of some kind). After answering questions for the funder, the research and development director will be in touch to let you know if this project proposal is worth pursuing. If you get the green light to move forward, this is not a promise for funding. However, it is a very good sign that we are on the right track. Move to step 4!

Step 4: Develop the Specifics

At this stage, you will need to clarify your budget, timeline, steps in the research process. If you need funding to help do that, make sure to discuss this need with the funder during the phone call in Step 3.

Research projects are team projects – we are well aware of that – expect that we are looking for people who can work in teams.

Step 5: Final Go Ahead

Once the team is in place, the timeline is designed, the project is outlined, the budget is clarified – It’s time to officially ask for the total funding needed for the project. Email your final project proposal to info@mcvetygrant.org and prepare for a call from the funder!

Proposals are on a case by case basis. Please email info@themcvetygrant.org to find out more or to set up your first appointment.

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