October 11, 2019

For the last two years, I have had the pleasure of working with many Three Principles practitioners who are excited to have a team research their program. THANK YOU!

Every single time, while we are in the development process (research design), practitioners have asked me (essentially), “WHY THAT?

What does that question (usually on a questionnaire) have to do with the Three Principles of Health Realization?”

Whether the question...

September 17, 2019

In terms of building a client base, you need fans who tell people about your program. Sometimes just a few key talkers are the ones referring 90% of your clientele – so that’s great!

However, if you want your program to move beyond your individual qualities and talents (in other words for the Three Principles to reach more people then you could reach alone) then you need research. 

Why? Because research has evolved over the last...

One of the things that 3PRC does is support practitioners in researching their Three Principles of Health Realization programming. While our support varies from feedback on questionnaires to actual data collection and analysis, our hope is to gain a better understanding of the changes and outcomes associated with 3P programming and potential best practices. 

Our most recent venture was with The Ambassador Project, where we...

July 4, 2019

This video is an opportunity to "Like" and "Follow" the 3PRC research conversation. This conversation will be monitored by Jeanne Catherine. Participants are welcome to share papers, ask questions and debate best approaches to 3P research. 

This video (click below) is an introduction to what it's like to work with 3PRC - we offer all kinds of support from financial partnerships, support awards and survey design support. 


Every year, the Three Principles conference in London attracts the curious minded and seasoned practitioner alike. This year, 2019, roughly 1,000 people gathered in London’s Rugby Stadium Allianz Park to listen to speeches and discussions about the 3P understanding.

The social enterprise 3PRC (Three Principles Research & Consulting) conducted a small scientific study aimed at conference participants. The central question for th...

This is the tricky part of research.

In fact, most people in the general population think research is a sham because it can't tell you for sure and it can’t tell you loads of stuff - that you think you want to know.

Here is what research can do - it can give you clues, leads and dead ends. In fact, research is a lot more like hunting in the woods then looking up something on the internet. 

For example, if I do a google search on...

December 10, 2018


This month we are honored to award Jaqueline Hollows at Beyond Recovery CIC, the McVety Research Support Award!

3PRC develops 3 research projects a year. These projects are designed to support superior non-profit leaders with research design, human ethics application, study execution, analysis and write up for publication of their Three Principles program.  Beyond Recovery have recently been contracte...

August 24, 2018

What is so special about the Three Principles that someone (Ron McVety) would want to fund research to document what it is and how it works? 

Every time I meet a volunteer 3P practitioner I think, "There it is, that something special about 3P!"

The energy, enthusiasm, and wellbeing that 3P volunteers share are instructive to how impactful the understanding really is. Volunteering is rewarding, but even more so when you see your...

August 17, 2018

There are a growing number of Three Principles practitioners who share their understanding as volunteers. These individuals and groups aren’t looking for financial reimbursement, instead, they revel in the insights, behavioral changes and the transformed lives of their clients. 

This is striking because these clients aren’t easy. Volunteers find themselves in prisons, at homeless shelters or providing programming for addicts –...

March 23, 2018

Anna Debenham wanted to bring women in prison new perspective, new opportunities and new lives. She knew she had something to share but she couldn't just knock on the door of the prison and ask to be let in. How do you get in any way?

Anna stumbled into, or her prayers were heard, when Jacqueline Hollows of Beyond Recovery, asked students at One Thought Institute for a volunteer to work in a men's prison in England. Anna's hand...

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