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Embracing Resilience: A Training to Inoculate Your Team Against Stress

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Team Training that Changes Lives

Before the program, I avoided work and felt worthless. After attending, I stopped feeling like a fake, fear and dread lifted. I started asking for more work, and knew things were going to turn out fine.

 I was surprised by the transferability of what I learned. The dialogue was such that what I learned is applicable to all facets of life.

Before the program, work led to stress and stress led to burnout. After this program, I took on more responsibility without experiencing any of the overwhelm I used to feel.

Our Purpose

Solutions for City Leaders & Their Teams

Building Community

You and your team make a difference in the lives of people in the community every day. The job demands, however, often take a professional and personal toll on those you manage.

Nothing is more concerning then stress-related symptoms hijacking the quality of your team's work. Anxiety, depression, insomnia, team outbursts, illness, distrust, and petty politics can undermine a job well done, and disrupt home lives as well. 


Our training has helped many people who work and live in high stress environments such as doctors, nurses, immigrants, inmates, addicts, and victims. They have learned resilience to cope with daily demands and to rebound successfully from potentially traumatic events without lasting negative effects.


Now we're bringing our life-changing training to municipal workers whose leaders want to ensure their wellbeing. It's an affordable program for the people who serve on the front lines of our cities every day.


Embracing Resilience is a powerful program that lays the foundation for city leaders and their team to increase resilience, improve problem-solving, and significantly reduce the negative impacts of stress-related injuries for the whole team.

Three Easy Steps to Embrace Resilience for Your Team

Your Plan​


Consult with Our Experts to Customize Your Training


Engage Your Team in Developing Skills for Lasting Resilience


Reap the tangible benefits of a strong & healthy team.

Your Success

Healthy Teams Doing Meaningful Work

Your Possibilities

Self-Assess Your Team's Resilience & Set Up an Appointment with Our Experts



 1. Download: 5-step Resiliency Assessment for Teams 


2. Meet our Design Expert to Discuss Next Steps in Your Plan


3. Create a Thriving Work Environment for Your Team

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