The Ambassador Project

One of the things that 3PRC does is support practitioners in researching their Three Principles of Health Realization programming. While our support varies from feedback on questionnaires to actual data collection and analysis, our hope is to gain a better understanding of the changes and outcomes associated with 3P programming and potential best practices. Our most recent venture was with The Ambassador Project, where we worked closely with Dr. Rani Bora, to design a questionnaire assessing the potential benefits to this community-based mentor program. The program itself is run by volunteers and all of the participants were invited to fill out questionnaires online - through an email invita

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This video is an opportunity to "Like" and "Follow" the 3PRC research conversation. This conversation will be monitored by Jeanne Catherine. Participants are welcome to share papers, ask questions and debate best approaches to 3P research. This video (click below) is an introduction to what it's like to work with 3PRC - we offer all kinds of support from financial partnerships, support awards and survey design support. Check it out and let us know what you think! Warmly yours, Jeanne Catherine Executive Director Three Principles Research & Consulting <iframe src="

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