What Can 9 People Teach Us?

This is the tricky part of research. In fact, most people in the general population think research is a sham because it can't tell you for sure and it can’t tell you loads of stuff - that you think you want to know. Here is what research can do - it can give you clues, leads and dead ends. In fact, research is a lot more like hunting in the woods then looking up something on the internet. For example, if I do a google search on shitake mushrooms – I’ll find more than 17,000,000 hits within .4 seconds, however if I go out to the woods to seek out a shitake mushroom, I will have to really look. I will have to take my time, learn more about what they don't look like (don't eat poison!) and fig

Who Won?

Congratulations! This month we are honored to award Jaqueline Hollows at Beyond Recovery CIC, the McVety Research Support Award! 3PRC develops 3 research projects a year. These projects are designed to support superior non-profit leaders with research design, human ethics application, study execution, analysis and write up for publication of their Three Principles program. Beyond Recovery have recently been contracted to work with their partners on a project to address the issues within a prison based in Nottingham, England. Our researchers Jeanne Catherine and Adriaan Denkers will work closely with Jacqueline Hollows and her team to design and execute the research study. Jacqueline Hollows

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