The Power of Insight

Beyond Recovery is a recipient of the McVety Grant funding. Every quarter, we receive an update. The first quarterly report described three key components to building a successful foundation: Collaboration Insight Program Development These three components emerged out of a week that Jacqueline Hollows, director of Beyond Recovery, spent shadowing various classes. These classes were designed by the Cypress Iniative to bring the three principles understanding to schools and community organizations. Through observation, curiosity and innate wisdom, Jacqueline walked away from the experience with many insights. One insight I thought was particularly interesting was the realization that everyone

How Do I Measure What I Can't See?

You may wonder about your first visit to a psychologist, perhaps they asked you what it meant when you yawned? Or, maybe they helped you rethink how you were approaching a problem and encouraged you to find a better perspective. Whatever your experience, psychologists are operating on a set of imagined assumptions. This is true no matter what kind of psychologist you engage. These imagined realities are necessary because no one can see what motivates behavior. If you think you can't figure out your loved ones, imagine a complete stranger attempting to figure you out! This imagined reality is not limited to psychologists, human beings make up stories about what motivates their behavior all th

Why Research the Three Principles?

Last November, I went to the Innate Health Conference to share what was happening at the McVety Grant. Innate health practitioners were excited to hear about the new funding available for research. Practitioners shared their stories: what they were doing, with whom, and what impact they saw. These practitioners, and others in our online community, serve different populations: children, prisoners, addicts, survivors, perpetrators, human resources, you name it and a population somewhere is learning about the three principles. This is exciting to hear about, however, there is little to no communication between projects. Most people are working by themselves or are part of a very small team – so

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