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The Cypress Initiative is the organization that inspired the formation of the McVety Grant. Cypress designed a two year (longitudinal) study to examine the impact of the phenomenal work they do with at risk children. This group, also the first to be funded, has delivered their Spark curriculum to 582 students at no extra cost to students and their families, they provide support at a local safe house for survivors of sex trafficking and are dedicated to providing services to anyone under the age of 18 free of charge - always! The McVety Grant is proud to fund any Cypress Initiative research project and we consider their work an excellent example of what three principles organizations can acco

A McVety Grant Recipient

Beyond Recovery, lead by Jacqueline Hollows, has already published research demonstrating significant improvement in mental well-being and purpose in life, showing significant reductions in anxiety and anger, and improved behavior in the prison community. I found the behavioral changes seen in these imprisoned human beings to be most striking. How does someone in prison, seemingly without hope of parole, find peace, love and ease again? Check out the research here: Jacqueline Hollows is leading the way in three principles correctional counseling (3PCC) and has received grant funding for future research from The McVety Grant! Congratula

Successful 3P Programs! Here is one of the programs the McVety Grant is planning on funding in the coming year. Only 15 minutes of your time - worth every investigation. Jeanne Catherine Research & Development Director #Research

RFP Updated 2018 - 2019

Request for Proposals: This is a request for proposals (RFP) specifically designed to conduct research for established three principles programming. Deadline: Proposals are considered on a case by case basis. We have a rolling application. Please note: funding for 2018 is already decided. Primary Goal: The primary goal of this project is to fund three principles research. We are looking for small, reasonably structured research projects that examine behavior, resilience and performance benefits of three principles counseling, teaching and consulting in a variety of areas such as: trauma, violence, mental illness, addiction, workplace, prison, family, and education. Host Structure: The host o

Special Project Funding - 2018 Update

I want to personally thank everyone for your interest and engagement in the McVety Grant Funding. Over the last few months, with help from interested practitioners and researchers, Ron and I have clarified what our process is for providing special funding. While we don't have an endless supply of funds in our back pocket, we want this website to be a place where practitioners and researchers can gain information, pursue other funding sources and share ideas. For that purpose, I am developing the forum area for our members. Consider becoming a member today - don't miss out on our growing community developing three principles research. Sign Up Here In addition, our rolling application will ebb

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